Why NextHome?

Why I chose NextHome to hang my license? First let’s look at my background and see where I come from.

So I moved to Idaho in 2010 I was going to school at BSU with an interest in engineering. Still interested in anything science but I didn’t have the passion or the math skills for it. I got a job at the local hospital and worked with patients and medical staff. While working there I realized I had a passion for helping people and easing their journey through the hospital. I’ve been working closely with the public and listening to their stories, easing their tension, and hopefully brightening their days for the past few years. This was when the lightbulb clicked. I need to work with people where I directly influence the outcome of something. My mother has been in real estate for over 30 years so I’ve seen interactions with clients. I put these two together and said “I’m ready for a change.”

Humans Over Houses

My primary drive is helping. My personal feelings felt matched when I looked into NextHome. #HumansOverHouses was the first thing I noticed. Most of us have gone to a car dealership and we’ve been pushed towards a car that’s at the top of our budget, not what we need, or something is just off. Typically they are trying to get a bigger check. When first interviewing with NextHome the word ethical was brought several times. I think it was mentioned that we strive to do every transaction ethically, honestly, and legally. That’s exactly the foundation I want to build my license on.

Then when talking with Heath Van Patten and members of his team you learned it’s just that. A team. A family even. We are the NextHomies and we are the NextHome Family.


If you have any questions about real estate in the Treasure Valley or the NextHome crew, please reach out! I would love to chat with you.

-Mike Morris
NextHome Treasure Valley Realtor